‘Revision’ By Alistair Ogden   

Stanley Figgins sat hunched over a faux-wood desk, fiddling with a pen. His apartment was dull, mustard-coloured and tiny, but it was all he needed.  A humble abode meant less could go wrong. Organization was easy and streamlined. Stanley himself was hardly more conspicuous than his room. He was thin and mouse-like, and his fingersContinue reading “‘Revision’ By Alistair Ogden   “

The Untold Struggles of Living Away from Home

This is a short, comedic piece that I wrote recently for an imagery assignment at the University of Victoria A few beams of morning sunlight shine through my dewy kitchen window. One attempt at dinner has turned the room into a warzone. The counter is littered with the shrapnel of dirty plates. Red splatters stainContinue reading “The Untold Struggles of Living Away from Home”

Socially (Awkward) Media

An edited version of an academic essay I wrote for an assignment last semester.   Social Media plays a key role in the daily lives of most contemporary University students. It helps them share who they are, connect with others, and organize social events. But having a multitude of “friends” seemingly in the palm ofContinue reading “Socially (Awkward) Media”

The Elevator (A Short Story)

“AXE MURDERER STILL ON THE LOOSE” read the massive headlines on a rack of newspapers. I grabbed a complimentary copy from the hotel lobby, then shuffled towards a bench in front of the elevator doors. I sat down and read: Another murder was reported late last night and it seems the police are still noContinue reading “The Elevator (A Short Story)”

What’s your favourite colour?

It comes across as a conversation starter. Something you’d ask after a period of awkward silence on a first date. It’s never really very relevant, except in those facebook personality quizzes. Favourite colours are a bit of an enigma. Colours themselves aren’t exactly what they seem. A tomato, for example, isn’t actually red. Tomatoes justContinue reading “What’s your favourite colour?”

Things You Might Not Know

I’ve found a brilliant little video series by Tom Scott, a British writer and presenter. From a quick skim through his website he seems to be doing almost exactly what I would like to be doing for a job in a few years. He’s posted loads of creative and odd videos and presentations that I’llContinue reading “Things You Might Not Know”

Russell Brand vs Sean Hannity

I’ve been keeping up with Russell Brand’s vlog series “The Trews” lately, and although I’m not entirely on board with his whole idea of intertwined consciousnesses and such, I found a couple of his latest videos to be absolutely brilliant dissections of fox news. In the first, Brand does his usual bit and looks atContinue reading “Russell Brand vs Sean Hannity”